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Independent Researcher with St. Lawrence University, Department of Education

Class of 2023
Educational Studies
Ngoc Tan ‘23 grew up in Vietnam and graduated from the International School Ho Chi Minh City. At St. Lawrence, Ngoc is a double Philosophy and Psychology major. She is currently a teaching assistant for Reasoning, a student worker at IT Help Desk, and has worked as a Peer Tutor...
Summer 2022

This summer, Ngoc researched Philosophy of Childhood, focusing on Early Childhood Development. Her paper titled Recognizing Capabilities in Early Childhood Education and Care: A Necessary Condition for Child's Flourishing briefly introduces the expedition to promoting the capabilities approach, which aspires to uncover children's true capabilities in their early development. During her study abroad semester in Denmark, Ngoc was exposed to a completely different educational approach being adopted in the Danish school system. Alongside her practicum experience at a Danish kindergarten, Børnehave, Ngoc has recognized potential problems in the traditional school system, which embraced the defective conception of early childhood development. This research experience has allowed Ngoc to gain in-depth knowledge of the contemporary development of educational philosophy in early childhood education and care.

Saigon, Vietnam
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Viet Nam