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Class of 2025
Aidan Atwell 25' is a History major with an interest in American history and law. He is aspiring for a career in government or law, and has recently completed a research fellowship in History.
Summer 2023

“The Digital World and The Modern Undergraduate” discusses research conducted on effects of digital information, assistant software, and generative AI on modern undergraduate students when compared to previous generations. My research considers both the positive and negative aspects of the transition to the digital world, in an attempt to present a full picture of these changes. Some of the programs examined in the paper are Google, Perusall, and ChatGPT. 

Some positive examples of modern software use include Perusall during the Covid-19 pandemic or the use of spell check software. ChatGPT and its ability to replicate academic work without effort or credit given presents a negative side. My paper explains the complicated morality of using this software, and what can be done to combat the threat to academic integrity. 

By researching and understanding the implications these developments have had on the upcoming generation, modifications can be made to adapt. Some of these adaptations are discussed in the paper, including the use of programs able to detect the use of generative AI, or modification to education methods to account for the prevalent use of search engines.