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Understanding Kenyan Land Invasions
Class of 2021
African Studies
Logan Hagerty '21 is a senior majoring in History and Environmental Studies, with a minor in African Studies. He is from North Conway, NH. Logan attended the SLU Kenya Semester Program his sophomore fall, which influenced his decision to pursue a Fellowship. Logan is interested in matters of environmental justice...

The 2017 ranch invasions in Laikipia County, Kenya, are linked to a colonial legacy of land alienation that emphasizes land use for elite purposes, which plays out today on a national and international sphere. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight an early colonial history of Laikipia County, as seen with primary source research. In doing so, one may understand that the idea of "land conflict" is not new to the Maasai pastoralists who call Laikipia home, and create questions I seek to explore in my Honors Thesis.