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Class of 2025
My name is Samartha Singh Basnyat and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business and Economics. My academic journey has fueled my passion for business consulting, and I have actively pursued this interest through internships, case competitions, and research projects. With a global...
Summer 2023

VRock & Company is a leading consulting firm specializing in advisory services, capacity building, and bridging the gap between government and the private sector for sustainable growth. With expertise in energy, hydropower, governance, infrastructure, and PPP, VRock provides innovative solutions to drive positive change. My time at the company included: 

  • South Asia Grant Program – US State Department/The Asia Foundation: Aided in bridging BFI's and municipal government for viable Public-Private Partnerships for five different municipalities in Koshi Province
  •  Implemented and designed an ESG toolkit to evaluate and guide Public-Private Partnership projects in Koshi Province
  • USAID/Deloitte: Consulted on strategies to enhance profitability and facilitate the institutionalization of the Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Venture Waste to Energy (Vw2E): Generated a quantitative report based on the survey findings to recommend the feasible plants to be installed to generate energy from waste