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Class of 2021
Arabic Studies
Jenesha Robert ‘21 is majoring in Government and Arabic Studies. As a CSTEP student she was motivated to study the aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her research focused on how the implementation of state mandated stay at home orders, or the lack thereof, impacted the wave of Covid-19 cases in...

The focus of this paper is to track how the United States is handling COVID19 by evaluating how each state is working to reduce the spread of the virus that has now become a global pandemic. In the past, nations have dealt with pandemics before such as the 2008 H1N1 virus. However, the United States did not face nearly the same amount of severity as it does now with COVID-19. As of July 17, 2020 the United States has set a new record for the country with the highest amount of confirmed cases at 3,604,408. The United States is also the leader in COVID19 deaths worldwide with over 138,649 deaths. The US has been hit the hardest by this pandemic and this research paper will attempt to reason with why that is. We will evaluate how governments at the federal and the state levels have reacted to the threat of COVID19. We will look at how their actions of easing restrictions or increasing restrictions like the length of statewide lock down affects the cases and the deaths of populations by state. We will also evaluate how, unemployment rates, the state governor's political affiliation, median ages of state populations and state help shape the narrative on how we have gotten to this point.