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Class of 2024
Global Studies
Jessica Tom '24 is currently a junior at St. Lawrence University. She is majoring in Global Studies, with a concentration in Asia. Jessica is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Because of this interest, Jessica is working as a news editor at The Hill News, continuing what she has...
Summer 2022

For the spring and summer 2022 semesters, Jessica trained with NCPR news reporters to learn the basics of journalism. She learned how to interview people, record those interviews, and turn those recordings into audio stories to be aired on the radio. Jessica developed the ability to turn written news stories into a script to be read out loud for the NCPR hosts. In addition, she was able to construct her own stories. Some of her favorite projects include interviewing Akwesasne artist and poet Alex Jacobs with her fellow intern, Iman Maani, as well as attending and recording a 5k run for third-grade girls.