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Established in 2015 by Stanley Macdonald '65, this funds supports students who are interested in an internship to promote excellence in student journalism.

Intern - North Country Public Radio


As an intern at NCPR, I learned a lot, got outside of my comfort zone, and learned how to be a good reporter. During my seven-month internship, I collaborated with a team of professionals and another intern to cover a wide range of stories, from Canton's oldest resident turning 105 to a local Fort Drum teen winning an award to a local seed-to-tray program in Malone. I immersed myself in the company culture and worked well with team members to produce and edit important stories.

Here are some things I learned and accomplished during my internship:

NCPR Internship


Iman Maani interned at North Country Public Radio where she produced a variety of audio news stories, including local Juneteenth celebrations, the 1970s feminist movement in upstate New York and Indigenous poetry and art. Earlier on in the internship, she worked on producing news copy, while getting familiar with newsgathering. As the internship progressed, she began to research and pitch original news stories. Working with a team of reporters, she interviewed, wrote, edited and fact-checked news stories for radio broadcast and online publishing. 

Intern with North Country Public Radio


For the spring and summer 2022 semesters, Jessica trained with NCPR news reporters to learn the basics of journalism. She learned how to interview people, record those interviews, and turn those recordings into audio stories to be aired on the radio. Jessica developed the ability to turn written news stories into a script to be read out loud for the NCPR hosts. In addition, she was able to construct her own stories.