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Class of 2022
Film and Representation Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hannah Rutkowski '22 is a writer and editor who majored in English and minored in film studies and gender studies during her time at St. Lawrence. An avid book lover, she is interested in pursuing the publishing industry, and is exploring what parts of the industry she might fit into...
Summer 2022

The Adirondack Review is an online literary magazine that publishes a wide range of work from fiction to translated works and more. Founded close to St. Lawrence University, I was introduced to this magazine through another student at St. Lawrence and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to explore another side of publishing as someone who wants to enter said field. I have had different experiences with other types of publishing, such as on-campus magazines like The Laurentian Magazine and The St. Lawrence Review

During my time at The Adirondack Review, I was responsible for administrative duties such as organizing/managing the magazine's inboxes as well as editorial duties, including reading and organizing submissions. This internship was remote and very independent, which I found to be extremely beneficial as it has taught me to trust my own judgement and has honed my time management skills. This opportunity has allowed me to explore the world of digital publishing, whether that be through observing and building writer/magazine relationships, taking part in effectively organizing submissions and more. I found that I really enjoy a more editorial role, as I love being able to read the great work that comes from all corners of the world. This internship reminded me how many people there are who dedicate themselves to storytelling and writing what needs to be written. 

I am excited to apply what I know to the future online magazine Slag Glass City that I will be working for, along with continuing my work with The Adirondack Review. 

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