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Class of 2025
Business in the Liberal Arts
Film and Representation Studies
Everything I do is with the intention of bringing people together and creating a collaborative community. In 2019, I started a basketball camp out of my backyard as a social outlet for my younger brother. Over a hundred custom-made t-shirts and personalized paper medals later, I would retire Colby Camp...
Summer 2023

Overall, this internship was the most fulfilling and fun experience I've ever had in a work environment. My life goal is to host a annual hometown festival starting in 2027 and this summer definitely helped me towards just that. My three learning goals I chose to execute before this internship were to network with music industry professionals effectively, develop a strong foundation in data analysis and reporting, and understand the revenue streams in the music industry. Some of the tasks I worked on this summer included: 

  • Introduced "FORMATWIZARD", macros on excel I created that organize weekly Billboard charts and consumption reports in seconds. 
  • Revamped IGA’s roster, updating information for over 200 artists and their team contacts.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to organize and submit ticket grids with Excel and
  • Prepared competitive social insights, alerts on artists’ and media Instagram posts that have performed above average. 
  • Presented a marketing campaign pitch for Amaarae, elaborating how to break into the fashion sector. 
Santa Monica, CA
34.026730110722, -118.4748029