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Class of 2024
Data Science
Hope Donoghue is from River Forest, IL and is a member of the Class of 2024 at St. Lawrence University. She is majoring in data science and minoring in mathematics. In the summer of 2022, Donoghue conducted research with Dr. Ivan Ramler on network analysis. She investigated through statistical models...
Summer 2022

Network analysis is the process of analyzing the structure of a network through graphical and statistical procedures. In other words, network analysis looks at how a set of units (nodes) are connected to one another through directional or non-directional links (edges). For my research project, I explored network analysis and investigated through statistical methods how the directional relationship of assists to goals influences winning percentages for Division III Liberty League soccer teams from 2013-2021. I built a linear regression model to identify what connections or aspects of teammate interactions lead to higher winner percentages for these teams. I found that a team in the Liberty League has a higher winning percentage if they have a lower connectedness score (transitivity in network analysis). This means that a team is predicted to be more successful if they score a lot of goals and have one main goal scorer and assister. I hope to continue this research in the future and add more variables besides goals and assists in the model to see how that would influence win percentage.