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Karin Ishikawa

Hi, my name is Karin and I'm from Japan. My dad is from Japan and my mum is from Hong Kong, so I'm an Asian mix. My first language is Japanese and I moved to Hong Kong when was 12. Went to several Japanese schools until I was 15. After that, I went to International schools in Hong Kong, Japan, and I went to a boarding school my junior & senior years in PA. I've been playing football for almost 13 years and I'm currently on the women's soccer team at SLU.

Alyssa Barrett


In the Spring of 2017, while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I was given the opportunity to embark on a culinary tour of Italy. My Enrichment Grant made it possible for me to see both Rome and Florence, Italy, while experiencing incredible Mediterranean cuisine every step of the way. I originally applied for such a grant because Italy is a cultural and culinary epicenter, and I didn’t feel my time abroad would be complete without experiencing it!

Annan Yue

Annan (Yanna) Yue graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2020 with a double degree in Psychology and Music. She is interested in Counseling and Developmental Psychology. The courses she took in psychology and her interest in counseling led her to this project. For her future career plans, Yanna is devoted to do academic research on developmental psychology and she is committed to pursuing a Ph.D. degree after finishing a Master’s degree.

Carla Martinez-Perez

Carla Martinez-Perez '21 is a senior undergraduate student with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology. She is interested in learning about impulsivity and how it is related to delay discounting in both humans and nonhuman subjects. She hopes to expand on this area of research with her Senior Year Experience project. After graduation she plans to continue her interest in research during graduate school in which she hopes to focus on substance abuse.

Yanfei Mao

Yanfei Mao' 21 is a senior student who comes from China with double majoring in Psychology and Music. She has been interested in positive psychology and especially the relationship between character strength and positive outcomes in academic context. Currently, she continues working on this project by analyzing another dataset from MTurk and tries to create an appropriate strength intervention in academic context based on the results to improve college students’ academic achievements and happiness.

Jayden Ladison

Jayden Ladison '21, a resident of Canton, is a psychology major and an economics minor at St. Lawrence University. Jayden is extending her fellowship research into her senior year of college by continuing her analysis of the neural influences on temporal processing. She plans to attend graduate school and obtain her doctorate in cognitive or behavioral neuroscience. Specifically, Jayden is interested in exploring the neural connections and chemical imbalances present in schizophrenic patients.

Lauren Donohue

Lauren Donohue, '21, is a Psychology major with minors in Sports Studies and Exercise Science and Film Studies. She is a Senior Fellow in the Admissions Office and is working on a SYE that is an extension of her summer fellowship. She hopes to go to graduate school and one day be a Psychology Professor or something surrounding that field. She is a captain of the Women's Varsity Volleyball team and spends her free time writing articles for the HerCampus online women's magazine.

Gabriella Diaz

Gabriella Diaz, '21, always knew she wanted to major in psychology, and once she got far along into this major she felt something was missing. A housemate suggested she take a public health course and she ended up declaring that minor the same semester. As a requirement for this minor she took a global studies class, and the following semester declared that as her second minor. Gabriella was able to make the connections between her courses, but wanted a way to encapsulate all her studies.