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Class of 2025
My name is Bobby Wells, and I am from Canton, New York. I am currently a junior at St. Lawrence University. I am a Psychology major with a Government minor. I play Men's Lacrosse at St. Lawrence and am also part of a rollerblading club. When I am not playing...
Summer 2023

I worked an internship for Galaxy Kids in Bangkok, Thailand. I and three other interns worked as a marketing team for the newly released AI-powered language-speaking app for kids. I had three major goals during my experience. One goal I had while interning in Thailand was to immerse myself in a different market. During the internship, our boss relied on our opinion heavily because we were the youngest employees in the office. Appealing to the Thai market and people was hard for me because my ideas of what would work best coming from America would not work in Thailand. They have different music, dancing, fashion, and overall different social trends than America. I had to learn a completely different market and succeeded. Another goal I had was to develop my research skills. For the first portion of the internship, I would write four 1000-word blogs per day. To do that, I used a keyword search program that allowed me to see how many people were searching certain words on Google. I used these words to make the blogs and create more traffic through the website. Another goal of mine was to develop my sales skills. In some of my blogs, I would have to obtain quotes from various people and schools. To do that, I would have to cold-call them. I was extremely nervous and communicated horribly. It was hard for me to understand heavy accents, and I was hung up on many times. My boss noticed this and gave me some tips like listening to certain words, not the whole sentence and being short, respectful, and straight to the point. During my time at Galaxy Kids, I also beta-tested the apps, talked with teachers, and created content. I left my internship at Galaxy Kids with new friends, knowledge, and great memories.

Bangkok, Thailand
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