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My passion in educational psychology is driven by my desire to help the forces that are pushing for social and emotional learning (SEL) to be integrated into U.S. public school curriculum. Connecting with my younger self I imagine the impact such an education (SEL) could have had on my experience. In a world that is rapidly changing due to climate change and growing technology, why aren't we equipping young children with the skills to be emotionally competent, socially aware, resilient, and motivated. Instead, public U.S. education is market driven; aka streamlining students to become workers rather than competent citizens who are able to address pressing issues in our government and in our globalized world. My research here at St. Lawrence predominantly focuses on social and emotional education/factors, from my research in Danish early childhood kindergartens to the interactions between caregivers and their children. I am a psychology major and educational minor from Rhinebeck, NY. I am looking to use my own experience in the public education system to empathetically inform my research at SLU and in grad school. 

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