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Bryana A. S. Thieret is a part of the class of '24 with majors in Psychology and Statistics. Her specific interests include how environment and biological mechanisms effect behavior especially pertaining to chronic early-life stress (ELS) and adversity. Bryana started working in Dr. Adam Fox's independent lab since her spring semester of her sophomore year and led research during Summer '22, Fall '22, Summer '23, and Fall '23 with all projects using the limited bedding and nesting (LBN) paradigm as an animal model for chronic ELS and evaluating the long-term effects on memory, learning, and impulsivity. In addition, she is a McNair Scholar, NSF Liberal Arts Scholar, and has received outside funding for conference travel expenses from the Eastern Psychological Association. Her future plans are to go into a PhD program for Applied Behavior Analysis continuing to do rodent research evaluating the effect of early-life stress in addition to getting clinical hours to be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst when she graduates from the program. 

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