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Alexandra Hill


Sentimental Analysis
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
Bar graph of number of derogatory mental health terms used in a novel in chronological publishing order.
Series: Summer 2021 Project Showcase

Alexandra Hill (she/her/hers), born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is a member of the Class of 2023 at St. Lawrence University with a triple major in English, French, and mathematics, as well as a minor in statistics. Hill’s student research utilizes math to analyze the portrayal of mental health in literature. Beyond her scholarly interests, she works as editor-in-chief of The Laurentian Magazine and managing editor of The Hill News. She is president of the co-ed service fraternity APO, program manager for St.

Ramon Veras

Ramon Veras ('21) is a student at St. Lawrence University. He is a creative writing major and his other scholarly interests lie in history, philosophy, government, and much more. Along with these interests, he is now applying to MFA programs throughout the world; in these programs he seeks looking to improve his use of language, improve his ear for stories and how to tell them, and meet many writers from diverse backgrounds. In high school, Ramon completed a novel and in doing so, he fell in love with writing.

Chyanne Turner

During the summer of 2020, Chyanne worked remotely with her faculty advisor Dr. Amanda Oldacre to write a research grant for submission to the Petroleum Research Fund. Over the course of eight weeks, she and her advisor researched functionalization and activation methods of petroleum coke. Over the duration of the summer, she also became accustomed to the writing form of a grant; she discusses her research and writing processes in her recorded presentation. Chyanne is continuing her work with Dr. Oldacre and hopes to continue pursuing chemistry research after graduation.

Rachel Siegel

Rachel Siegel, '21, is double majoring in Chemistry and English-Writing. During her fellowship, Rachel researched different types of TNT detectors to discover what chemical principles allow for them to function, research that she is continuing. She also wrote a physical chemistry lab experiment that is currently being reviewed for publication in the Journal of Chemical Education. She plans to continue her chemistry education and earn a phD with the goal of eventually becoming a chemistry professor.

Chloe McConnell


Chloe McConnell, class of '17, has majored in English and minored in Gender and Sexuality Studies. This academic interest is what sparked the idea for her project, Gender and Fiction. Her project saught to combine her two focuses into one cohesive body of creative work which analyzed issues of gender and sexuality through fiction. She plans to continue her writing in an Honor's Project of the same theme. After college, her goal is to continue writing on these issues in graduate school.

Lewinski Lopez

Lewinski Lopez goes by Lexi and will be graduating in 2021. She is majoring in Performance & Communication Arts and her focus is performance. She has been performing in theatre spaces for as long as she can remember and she chose to focus her research on solo performances so that could lead her down the path of writing her own solo performance. Lewinski hopes to use what she learned about solo performances as a way to guide her in the creative process of writing her own solo show.

Bridger Royce


Bridger Royce ('22) is an English Major with a longstanding appreciation for and fascination with rural spaces, especially Upstate New York. During the Summer of COVID-19, he enjoyed a hermitage at his grandparents' horse farm in Degrasse, where he wrote under the mentorship of Professor Paul Graham. Royce's stories explore life in Northern New York, often through extremity and the moments when good luck runs out. Since concluding the fellowship, he has continued working within this vein, and hopes to build these stories into a collection.