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Class of 2024
Computer Science
Glendalys Medina is a computer science and creative writing double major here at St.Lawrence University. She spends her time working as the Event Coordinator for La Sociedad, a club dedicated to amplifying Latinx voices in the SLU community. She also is one of this year's Townhouse Coordinators so you can...
Summer 2023

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, and do an incredible internship through the Freeman Foundation. I worked at a company called Kingdom of Service Design as a marketing intern, while I was there I specifically worked for their crypto gaming client, Nakomoto Games to improve their social media presence. This included things like posting consistently on platforms like TikTok and Twitter but also doing a lot of market research. I would collaborate with other interns to compare their competitors' marketing strategies with our clients. Through this, I was able to provide the client with documents explaining where they are in comparison to their competitor to help the marketing team strategize on ways to improve their performance. Outside of the internship, I was able to visit gorgeous temples like Wat Arun or the Dragon Temple and explore more of Thai culture outside of work. My favorite was finally seeing the beautiful Grand Palace with all its intricate architecture and history, it felt surreal to be there!