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Class of 2022
Summer 2021

         In the Summer of 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to intern for a company that resides in Sydney, Australia in a remote marketing position. At this company, Insights Exchange, I spent time doing market research and working closely with CEO Nichola Quail. We had frequent meetings and spent a vast portion of time going over my tasks and evaluating my accomplishments. Ms. Quail provided me with detailed feedback and allowed each of my tasks to build upon the one prior. I also got to work with other members of the Insights Exchange team. Not only was my position remote, but the company was also fully remote due to success found within operating from different places and utilizing technology to still stay connected during the covid-19 pandemic.

         Some of the main objectives of my position involved learning about marketing communication tactics, evaluating the best way for businesses to reach their market potential, and eventually writing an article that highlighted the best ways to support a startup business to ensure their cumulative success early on. I was able to learn about marketing from a completely different place and compare those techniques to the marketing tactics we use in the United States. I will always be grateful for this experience for it allowed me to become immersed in a unique marketing culture from the comfort of my own home during a time when travel and abroad study were not possible for me. 

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