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The History of the Mediterranean Coast through the lens of Arab Immigrants


As a student majored in International Economics and Multilanguage and a minor in Statistics, I had a transforming experience abroad in Toulouse, France. Most importantly I spent my time abroad in France utilizing my French and Arabic language skills and expanding my knowledge of those cultures. I was able to live with a French host family, study international relations and environmental sustainability at a French private university and build relationships with French people.

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Navigating Primary Education in New York State: Prescriptions of Female Educative Bodies


During the Fall 2021 semester, I had the life-changing opportunity to study off campus in the heart of New York City. The off-campus opportunities offered at St. Lawrence University was one of the central reasons I decided to make this place my new home, and a chance to live in the city for four months brought this dream to fruition. Over the next couple of months, I balanced an internship at the office of U.S.

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United Kingdom Cities Awarded the European Capital of Culture Award


In the fall on 2021 I studied abroad in Belfast in the north of Ireland. While abroad I received a Travel Enrichment Grant to travel to Derry and Glasgow, Scotland. Both cities are recipients of the European Capital of Culture Award. In October I traveled to Derry from Belfast by train which was about two hours each way. While in Derry I went to the Tower Museum and explored free Derry. Derry is a city rich with history of the conflict that happened here in the north and the museum exemplifies the history of conflict and the art that came out of it.

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Exploring Climbing Culture and Rural Life in Catalonia


In mid-December 2021 I said goodbye to my host family, friends, and professors and traveled from Madrid to a very small area called Siurana in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Catalunya in Catalan and Cataluña in Spanish). The trip proved to be a spectacular celebratory end to my semester abroad on St. Lawrence’s Spain program, and allowed me to say farewell to Spain in a very special way.

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Anne of Brittany: A Ruler Through the Ages


I am an English literature and Francophone studies double major. I studied abroad in Toulouse, France during the fall of 2021, and at the same time, I conducted research on Anne of Brittany. In my research, I sought to further study her varied representations during and after her life in connection to her identity as a woman. Anne was queen of France twice in her life and duchess of Brittany. Her representation is contested largely due to her identity as a woman during the Middle Ages.

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Israel-Gulf Normalization: A Documentary of Perspectives


In the fall of 2020, several Arab countries normalised relations with Israel. This came as a shock at the time as rising tensions in Palestine caused mass protests in western countries. One of those countries was my study abroad destination, The United Arab Emirates. I decided to find out what the people of the Emirates thought about their government’s sudden shift in policy, especially for such an emotional issue. So I first set off to the three most populous emirates to the west of Jebel Al-Jais to interview people on this touchy subject.

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I worked on creating social media posts and the CRM system
I learned a lot about a different working culture from my own. It was also interesting to hear about how another country was dealing with the covid 19 pandemic. Attached is an easter post I made.

King's College Hospital


For the duration of this internship, I worked as an intern at King's College Hospital. More specifically, I worked in research in their biochemistry department under the supervision of Dr. Royce Vincent, who is a biochemist and endocrinologist at the hospital. In this role, I worked mostly in data analysis and assisted on the research projects that Dr. Vincent and his team were undertaking. Dr. Vincent specialized in the area of obesity and the implications of weight loss/gain from an endocrine perspective, and I worked on two major projects within that field: 1.

Sustainable House


As an intern at Sustainable House, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work directly with Michael who owned the company. During the time at my internship, I helped Michael in writing blog posts that went out to followers of his website. I also helped Michael in doing research for the Sustainability consulting he did on a whole bunch of different issues.

Believe Advertsing


As an intern, I mostly did writing tasks where I would write posts for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Smart Company. I also worked on helping put together social media campaigns for a new e-commerce company. I also put together an entire four-week master class for entrepreneurs on public relations and how to generate sales.

viAct.Ai and Seatton


My work in viAct.Ai was to develop a human detection program to improve the safety of the construction working environment. My second internship which I am continuing working now at Seatton is on web Application. We are developing this website that can track the air quality and PM2.5 around the school area for Wellington International School in ShangHai.



? I was interning for a very small education technology startup based in Dublin. I reported to the CEO and founder and sole employee of the company so it was definitely a very intimate experience. I did new things every week for the company such as researching app development and project management tools. Throughout the entire time my overall project was basically to prototype a mobile application. My supervisor was extremely flexible and we created my plan and goals together each week.

me&my wellness


As an intern I worked with as part of a small team doing research on general wellness topics to create marketing materials and informational content. The wellness topic I focused on was sleep and its impact on health. Through my research I was able to write three informative blogs posts and a short e-book on the different ways sleep impacts everyone's overall wellbeing.

Manifesto Market


I worked with Manifesto on sustainability marketing which mainly comprised of doing research on sustainable methods and how to effectively market what we’ve done. I created many powerpoints that I had to present to my supervisor, and sometimes to a bigger team. In addition to working on research, I worked with my supervisor to write a few blogs that were published on their website and I worked in researching the events/ awards that were relevant to the business for them to apply to.

BIS Oxford Economics


I interned at BIS Oxford Economics, based in Sydney, Australia. They provide consulting for various sectors of the economy, so my role was to assist in research. I updated excel files to reflect progress on construction and infrastructure projects in Australia. I also conducted research examining the wider economic benefits of roads. I utilized Australian Google and conducted in-depth research of many different projects and sectors.



Working with Ghenova I was a business development intern, and I was responsible for helping with the comapny's current expansion into the U.S market. Ghenova is an engineering company that focuses on the development of large-scale projects such as naval vessels and power plants. My job was to research renewable energy projects located in the U.S that were in early stages of development, and report these back to my supervisor along with potential business contacts.



Jividha is a non-profit organization that strives to educate the community on environmental issues and promote biodiversity and conservation. I worked directly with the president of Jividha, Rajiv. Over the course of the internship, I completed research projects on plastic pollution, green buildings, and the environmental impacts of transportation. With my research, I prepared presentations and flyers for the organization to use to spread awareness and educate others.

Agora Books


I was a publication intern with Agora Books in London, U.K. Via this role, I did editorial work -- such as reading through submissions and writing copy -- marketing work -- including running the Twitter, overseeing a giveaway and the corresponding graphics, and writing blog posts, maximizing SEO -- and finally managerial research work -- including the research and organization of reviews for Agora’s books.



         In the Summer of 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to intern for a company that resides in Sydney, Australia in a remote marketing position. At this company, Insights Exchange, I spent time doing market research and working closely with CEO Nichola Quail. We had frequent meetings and spent a vast portion of time going over my tasks and evaluating my accomplishments. Ms. Quail provided me with detailed feedback and allowed each of my tasks to build upon the one prior. I also got to work with other members of the Insights Exchange team.

Mighty Oak Public Speaking


In my internship I worked. primarily in marketing. I was responsible for setting up the analytics tools for their home website and social media pages, organizing their marketing photos within their folder so they were findable, and creating content for their social media accounts, all in an effort to create a seamless brand for the company and expand their existing network.

Hounslow Action for Youth


I was a fundraising intern and my main role was to bid writing and drafting applications.

My internship organization is a charity called Hounslow Action for Youth. I have helped with a few bid writing projects and fundraising applications. I have improved my organization skills and time management skills. My internship site supervisor Sonia is very friendly and helpful. We had a great experience working together, and we have agreed that I will go back to volunteer for them once I graduate college!