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Connect the Dots


Connect the Dots (CTD) is a stakeholder and community engagement firm that brings together community and public sector partners to develop innovative and actionable solutions for our towns and cities. As a marketing intern with CTD, I conducted research to know best practices of public involvement, outreach, and general development activities. Additionally, I planned and maintained Connect the Dots' social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Poder Ciudadano


Poder Ciudadano is a nonprofit organization that focuses on electoral corruption and democracy in Argentina. Poder Ciudadano guarantees that people are aware of the electoral process as well as determines that the elections are fair and just and no signs of corruption have been influencing the elections.My role as an intern was to look into cities and provinces to determine if all areas were following electoral protocol. As well as filled out and organize all excel and write up documents.



One of the primary goals as an intern was to determine potential future clients through analyzing participants' lists in engineering conferences across Europe. Additionally, I also worked on reaching out to representatives in companies of interest through summarizing GHENOVA’s engineering services. For many of my assigned projects, I worked with Excel to categorize data on contact information and feedback from prospective clients.

Primove Engineering


My internship revolved around researching the economics and environmental impacts of biofuels. Primove's primary product was called AgroGas, which is a bioCNG (bio compressed natural gas) which is a biofuel. I did research on all types of biofuels, compared them to traditional fuels, and looked into which biofuels were the most sustainable and had the most potential.

The Sound of Vienna: Classical Music and its Historic Venues


I studied abroad in London in the spring semester of 2022, intending to focus on my
performance and communication arts major. Even with that in mind, I knew I wanted to study
music whenever and wherever I could while in Europe, as many music classes at St. Lawrence
educate students about music worldwide. It is essential for anyone’s growth in knowledge to
consider how people’s lives are impacted by their culture, which is exactly what I wanted to find
out through music in Vienna.

Exploring Disease, Death, and History of Australia

As someone who was not familiar with the culture and history of Australia, I was amazed with
the information I learned during my time abroad in Spring 2022. My initial interest surrounding my
travels around Australia was to learn more about disease, health, and history in Australia. As I reflect on
my experience abroad, I feel I did just that. During my time in Australia, I talked with my peers about
how the Australian health care system works. Interestingly enough they had similar complaints as

Exploring Theatre in its Home


I went to London, UK from October 28-30th, 2022. I chose to go to London because I felt like I
needed some enrichment on the PCA side of my major. I had already been fulfilling my Spanish minor in
Spain, but had no travel experiences for my theater education. For this reason, I chose to go to London.
Although I did not spend much time in London, during my two days there I experienced enough to make
me go back. I went to London with my friend Keara, who was also studying abroad in Spain and we
visited our friend Morgan, who was studying in London.

Exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures in Australia

In the Fall of 2022, I had the pleasure of traveling to three cities in Australia to explore
the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. This grant allowed me to visit art galleries, go
on tours, and visit Indigenous sites in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. I studied abroad in
Cairns, and I was also able to participate in activities surrounding Indigenous culture locally.

Everyone’s Artwork- An Exploration of Street Art in the Northeast

As an international student and a Mexican immigrant in the US, I was very excited to explore
the different art present across four of the most important cities in the US: New York City,
Philadelphia, Boston, and DC. I spent a semester in New York City, where I was exposed to all
sorts of street art, from murals by famous people to graffiti to protest stickers. During my
semester in New York City, I paid attention to all the art I could every time I was going to work,

Ceaseless Conflict: Healing with Multiple Burdens


Standing in front of Mount Ararat, during my trip to Armenia in 2022, I set out to
research how war and displacement impact Armenian’s health. As an Armenian-American
whose family fled from the Armenian Genocide of 1915, I live as a member of the Armenian
diaspora, far removed from my homeland, yet deeply connected to my culture. When the war
against Artsakh in 2020 began, I was devastated. I did not know much about the situation, having
only learned bits and pieces from my trip to Artsakh in 2016 and reading articles, but I was

Exploring Australia’s Lost Species and Effects of Ecotourism in the Outback and Marine Life


First and foremost, I would like to thank the St. Lawrence university CIIS department
because the travel enrichment grant was truly a blessing and has provided aid to my Australian
journey to immerse in the Australian culture holistically. My experience has allowed me to
authentically visualize and comprehend the differences in people, food, and most importantly
the unique wildlife that could not be compared to any other country. Expanding on the primary
fact that there were already 100 documented extinct species and various others dated back to

Modern Ancient History: A Study of Greece


My name is Courtney Lynn and I am a junior at St. Lawrence. During my time abroad, I
was granted the opportunity to travel to Greece, specifically Athens and Crete, for an
academically enriching experience. I studied in Spain for the semester, but received the
enrichment grant to explore the birthplace of rhetoric. It had always been a dream of mine,
specifically as a communications major, to see this historic place. The work of Aristotle is vast
and readily studied particularly in my field of academics, thus the opportunity I was given was

Exploring Urban Agriculture Sites in Berlin, Germany


My project entailed traveling to the capital of Germany, Berlin, to visit urban agriculture and
urban farming sites. Over the past decade, gardening and agriculture projects have flourished
in the city, coupled with restaurants, universities, social centers and other spaces. I spent a
weekend in Berlin (Friday-Sunday) to visit their installations, get to know more about the
type of vegetables, fruits and herbs they grow, any agricultural principles they follow
(seasonal agriculture, permaculture, agroecology), the purpose of their garden (feeding

Glaciers and Environmental Guidelines: Exploring the Cultural Repercussions of Climate Change Policies of Mt. Kenya


Growing up, I spent most of my summers hiking throughout New England; Mt.
Washington, Mt. Katahdin, and backpacking the last 200 miles of the Appalachian Trail. It was
my interest in hiking that initially led to my interest in pursuing a grant abroad in Kenya. With
the help of the CIIS Travel Enrichment Grant, I was able to stay in Kenya for an additional week
to trek to Lenena Point of Mt. Kenya, the only peak accessible without technical climbing. At
4,985m of elevation, Lenana Point of Mt. Kenya is the third-highest peak in all of Kenya. Over

Mathematics in the Kenyan School System: History and Observations


This paper looks to take a deeper look at the history of mathematics studies in the Kenyan
education system and bring in first-hand accounts and observations made over the last four
weeks. The goal of the project was to get a better understanding of the Kenyan education system
and of how mathematics is taught, understood, and prioritized in Kenya at the secondary and the
overall future of the subject in the country. Understanding the history of curriculum and
educational reform is one way to able to see the route and transformation mathematics education

Examining The Role of Cuisine in Developing Spanish Culture and Tradition


Saint Lawrence University offers an incredible variety of study abroad programs around the world, so it was quite a challenge to decide where to go. Due to my affinity for the Spanish language and culture, I decided to study abroad in Spain during the Spring 2022 semester. To say the least, this was the most transformative experience of my life, so I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey.

The Price Tag of Dissent: Exploring the incorporation of street fashion into high fashion


I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Copenhagen, Rome and London in order to pursue my
interest in fashion during my semester abroad in Spring 2022. I have always been interested in
fashion, trend forecasting, fashion history and the textile industry in general. However, as a Global
Studies major, I also learned how important fashion can be as a tool of self-expression for
marginalized peoples and thus, how it can also be a means of decolonisation. Coming from Pakistan,

Tasting Cultures in New York City


During my New York City semester this past Spring, I had the opportunity to explore various
cultures from around the world through their diverse culinary. New York is known as a city with
an incredibly rich food culture. This is in large part due to its long and varied history of
immigration. Through this grant opportunity, I was able to immerse myself in the city’s culture
by learning about this history and its impact on the city’s neighborhoods and food scene. I was

Portrayal and Perception of Mental Health in French Literature


My project broadly aimed to look at the portrayal and perception of mental health in
French literature. I did this via the lens of Françoise Sagan’s novel Bonjour Tristesse and
research on mental health in France gathered from various libraries throughout the country
including Rennes, Bordeaux, and Paris. The research explored the development of the
definition of mental health in the nation, psychiatric treatment, discrimination and
stereotypes, and literary criticism on Sagan and her novel.

Exploring Counterspaces in NYC


As I attended the semester in NYC, I was also embarking on my first experience living in a
bigger city. Not only was I excited for the sheer magnitude of the city, I hoped to explore my
interests in creating communities that engage within, beyond, and in opposition to the status
quo. An interest that, in part, emerged from my studies that explore the powerful, healing,
and educational value in counter-hegemonic community projects/gatherings – and that is
exactly what I did.

Narratives of Genocide


Due to the generosity of the Giltz Family Fund for International and Intercultural
Education, I was able to travel to Frankfurt, Germany and Berlin, Germany to collect data for
my Global Studies honors Senior Year Experience (SYE): Narratives of Genocide - the
Impact of Informal and Formal Education on Representations of German History. My focus
specifically on the Namibian Genocide and the Holocaust, alongside broader themes of
German colonization and their role in World War II, guided my research process as I visited
various museums and memorials.