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Class of 2022
Business in the Liberal Arts
Summer 2021

My internship revolved around researching the economics and environmental impacts of biofuels. Primove's primary product was called AgroGas, which is a bioCNG (bio compressed natural gas) which is a biofuel. I did research on all types of biofuels, compared them to traditional fuels, and looked into which biofuels were the most sustainable and had the most potential.

Throughout my internship, I was presented with many challenges and unique experiences. I would say that the most interesting part pertained to the global aspect of it. Having to communicate and meet with my boss was interesting because we were essentially in opposite time zones, so our meetings would occur in the morning for me and the evening for him. This also made me time my emails and assignment submissions to revolve around his schedule. For example, I would send my research and questions in the evening so that he would have the entire day to read and respond to my submissions. This was a valuable skill, as adapting to your work environment is a crucial professional skill. I learned a lot of soft skills (communication, teamwork, etc.) while also learning a lot about the environmental and economic impacts of certain biofuels. I believe that my research really portrayed the validity and necessity of Primove's products, and these materials could be beneficial for investors or for people who wish to learn about their products. All in all, I was extremely grateful and appreciative of this opportunity and would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

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