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Class of 2022
Environmental Studies – Government
Peace Studies
Summer 2021

As an intern for the Epiphany School, I prepared and presented informative presentations over Zoom to third and fifth grade students. I also formulated and created various projects and class activities for the students to do. Finally, I ensured that all relevant avenues of the Environmental Studies curriculum were covered and that the students fully comprehended the material.

I really enjoyed my time interning with the Epiphany School! It was an internship that was out of my comfort zone since I have never taught before and teaching is not my intended career path. However, I love educating others about Environmental Studies and also love kids so I gave it a chance and it ended up being an amazing experience! Connecting with the kids, even though it was over Zoom, was such a rewarding experience and I loved hearing everything they had to say. The students were all so smart and willing to learn and I looked forward to every zoom with them. My supervisor told me that while she is teaching, all of the stress and problems in her life disappear and I definitely felt the same way throughout my experience. I especially loved creating my own projects and then interacting with the students while they completed the activity in their own creative ways. Even though this internship was remote, I still made such strong connections that I know will last me a lifetime. Both the teachers and the students also taught me many things about India in general such as cultural norms, different foods, holidays and more. I appreciated having this cultural learning experience regardless of the fact that I could not actually travel to India for this internship. Even though my internship has ended, I am still in contact with the Epiphany School and will still be teaching occasional classes again in the future! This internship made me realize how much I enjoy teaching and making the classroom a fun and engaging environment for students. Since completing this internship, I have been looking at teaching opportunities that I could do in my time off before applying to law school. The professional and cross-cultural skills I developed throughout my virtual international internship will help me throughout my academic and professional future. I would recommend this program to anybody who is considering it!

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