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Class of 2022
Summer 2021

Poder Ciudadano is a nonprofit organization that focuses on electoral corruption and democracy in Argentina. Poder Ciudadano guarantees that people are aware of the electoral process as well as determines that the elections are fair and just and no signs of corruption have been influencing the elections.My role as an intern was to look into cities and provinces to determine if all areas were following electoral protocol. As well as filled out and organize all excel and write up documents.

There were several challenges that I can think of when working with Poder Ciudadano. One being able to understand the electoral process and procedure of Argentina. They had different rules and regulations so I had to spend most of my time familiarizing with those rules/regulations. As well as being able to understand certain terminologies being used. The Spanish that I spoke had different meanings or different interpretations from what my coworkers spoke so sometimes it was hard to understand what was being said. I have learned that no task is too big or too small and that it is important to maintain a direct line of contact with your supervisor when you reach those hard roads. It also made me realize how much I really like nonprofits works.

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