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Class of 2022
Economics – Mathematics
Spring 2021

As Intern I worked directly with an Investment Analyst in the company. My personal work consisted of task such as research into prospective investment market, studying Corporate Finance terms such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuations, and looking into various types of company fundraising.

I began working at teamOn through meetings with 2 employees of the company. After meeting with a director/leader in the company I was assigned to work directly with an Analyst named Enier. He guided me through what to do in order to get relevant information from the internet and how to interpret and summarize large amounts of information. I would have weekly meetings with Enier where he would provide me with feedback on the previous works week and assign me new tasks. Since I mainly worked through one project, I was exposed to almost 3 months of a ~6 month process. I learned about due diligence, the structure of the firm, how competition between firms works, and of course my general day to day work. When beginning the internship I thought that the time zone difference would be the most difficult. Thankfully Enier was extremely flexible with meeting times and was almost always available via text even with a 6hr time difference. My most interesting experience was within the last month of the program when I was starting to put together all of the work I had done and I could step back and see how the whole investment/fundraising process ties together.

Note: Since I had to sign an NDA I cannot provide photos of actual work I completed or the company

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