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Class of 2022
Environmental Studies – Biology
Summer 2021

The role I held this summer with Studio Bellesi Giuntoli was an environmental and marketing consultant. I first worked with their website, reviewing it through an environmental lens while looking at the English and grammar, as well as the content and marketability. I next read through their blog with a similar environmental viewpoint and made note of changes that might be made to best present the information. I spent time researching local and regional landscape architecture competitors and prosing ways that Studio Bellesi Giuntoli might best compete with these other companies, based on company websites and social media pages. I then worked with the LinkedIn account to include English information and make best use of the account. I also worked with the company Instagram account to create more posts of the projects the company has done and is working on currently, as well as an archive of photos and captions for future use.

In reflecting on my six weeks with Studio Bellesi Giuntoli, three words come to mind, grateful, excited, and accomplished. I continue to be grateful for the opportunity I was given in these last six weeks. I feel that I have gained meaningful experience from my internship and I am grateful to my supervisor, Mr. Giuntoli for his willingness to work with me. Additionally, I feel excited by the opportunities that are to come in terms of future internships and job experiences. I think that this internship set me up to be prepared for future positions in a variety of environmental fields. I also remain grateful for this opportunity to work internationally during a global pandemic. Finally, I feel accomplished due to the positive feedback that I received from Mr. Giuntoli and his colleagues throughout the summer. I feel as though I was able to help the company with work that is meaningful and impactful to them.

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