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Emma Frances Doherty

Storm castle peak in the Bozeman area
Yellowstone/Teton National park
First fish I caught
Adventures with Herold
best crag dog around
Midas during our off-roading adventure

I am a rising junior at St Lawrence University majoring in global studies with a topical focus in environmental studies or peace studies and a geographical focus on southeast Asia. I’m pursuing minors in public health and sociology, as I hope to do social justice and non-profit work in grassroots organizing and advocacy.

Talya Scott

Talya Scott, ’23, has a major in Neuroscience and minors in Public Health and Chemistry. Her time spent working in a nursing home and interest in medicine led her to pursue a research project testing a potential treatment for Parkinson’s Disease in a C. elegans model. After completing this summer research project, she plans to continue her research as an SYE to further expand her own and the scientific community’s understanding of this disease.

Trent Meyer

My name is Trent Meyer, and I am a senior majoring in Statistics and minoring in Public Health from Croghan, NY. My interests are using data visualization techniques to view public health data sets. My goal is to continue onto graduate school to get my masters in epidemiology.

Karina Bellavia

Karina Bellavia '22 is a biology major with an interest in entomology. During her summer research, she studied the behavior of the robber fly species Lasiopogon currani at Glenmeal State Forest, NY. Karina is continuing her research as an Honors thesis throughout her senior year. She also plans to attend graduate school and pursue a PhD in Ecology after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys road cycling, hiking, baking, and looking at insects in the wild.

Nishal Basnet

My name is Nishal Basnet, and I am a rising Junior at St. Lawrence University. I am majoring in sociology and minoring in public health. I am also Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) scholar, and the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program scholar. My interest is in social work, focusing on immigrants' and refugees' welfare in the United States. My goal is to get a Doctorate in clinical social work. I am interested in research opportunities on public policy and public health of the refugee and immigrant population.

Martina Velásquez Lemaitre

Martina Velásquez Lemaitre, class of 2024, is majoring in neuroscience and minoring in public health. Her interest in the way science can be applied to solve public health matters and improve people's quality of life motivated her to conduct summer research with Dr. Amanda Oldacre from the chemistry department of St. Lawrence University on the Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Analysis of Catalytic Plastic Degradation.

Gabriella Diaz

Gabriella Diaz, '21, always knew she wanted to major in psychology, and once she got far along into this major she felt something was missing. A housemate suggested she take a public health course and she ended up declaring that minor the same semester. As a requirement for this minor she took a global studies class, and the following semester declared that as her second minor. Gabriella was able to make the connections between her courses, but wanted a way to encapsulate all her studies.

Makenna Burr

Makenna Burr, '21, is a biology major, with research interests in herpetology and ecology. After completing her summer of 2020 research project, she has begun an SYE with Professor Hoffmann looking into the learning abiliites of native versus invaisive treefrog species. Makenna is planning on continuing with her research interests in graduate school and when she is not in the lab, she can be found practicing with the swim team or in meetings for the class council of 2021, where she serves as treasurer.