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Class Year

Gabriella Diaz, '21, always knew she wanted to major in psychology, and once she got far along into this major she felt something was missing. A housemate suggested she take a public health course and she ended up declaring that minor the same semester. As a requirement for this minor she took a global studies class, and the following semester declared that as her second minor. Gabriella was able to make the connections between her courses, but wanted a way to encapsulate all her studies. Her McNair summer project concerns international students and their sense psychological sense of community at American campuses and using St. Lawrence as a reference. After completing this project she decided to begin an SYE that consists of focus groups of international students to determine if their culture played a role in how they cope with crisis. Gabriella hopes to be a PhD student in a social psychology program that allows her to take a cultural track and continue with her research in analyzing culture and behavior.