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Svetlana Kononenko

The photo presents a young female student in black sweater, working at the bench countertop and holding 15 mL centrifuge tubes. The student performs a routine  washing procedure for C. elegans maintenance.

Thanks for the continuous effort of Ana Y. Estevez, Ph.D., in maintaining pictorial laboratory records. 


Routine embryo isolation is a routine part of worm farmers. 

Dr. Estevez Lab (2021) St. Lawrence University 

Being raised by a single mother in a provincial Russian town, I am adept at setting goals and striving to achieve them, despite the challenges I have encountered. As a minority within my own country’s administrative division, Adygea Republic, I have always strived for diversity and inclusion of identities, experiences, and ideas. With such a mindset and a strong passion for natural sciences, I sought opportunities to enrich my scientific environment and learn from the expertise of an international community.

Kayla Edmunds

Kayla Edmunds '21 majored in Conservation Biology and minored in African Studies. She is particularly interested in Entomology and completed a Senior Year Experience in Fall '20 on the phenology and dispersal of Proctacanthus robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) in St. Lawrence County. Her SLU Fellowship builds upon this experience while studying Lasiopogon currani, another unique robber fly species.

Zican Zhou

Zican Zhou 21' is a senior student with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She has been working in Dr. Schreiber's Lab since Fall 2019 as a research assistant, a summer fellowship student, and plans to expand this fellowship to her Senior Year Experience during 2020-2021, continuing to investigate the effects of thyroid hormone and cortisol on the amphibian immune system. After graduation from St. Lawrence University, Zican intends to obtain a master's degree in biology, and the skillsets she learned from this fellowship will be a great asset. 

Yidi Zhang


Yidi Zhang is the Class of 2021, majored in Art & Art History, specifically focused on Painting and Printmaking. She come from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. As a Chinese, she likes to tap the elements of traditional Chinese culture as her creating inspirations. After graduation, she plans to have a short break to figure out her direction and then continue the study of MFA in painting and printmaking. Her ideal is to be an independent artist, combining the Eastern and Western culture in her artworks and bridging East-West cultural exchanges.