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The Psychological Sense of Community of International Students and Crisis
Class of 2021
Global Studies
Public Health
Gabriella Diaz, '21, always knew she wanted to major in psychology, and once she got far along into this major she felt something was missing. A housemate suggested she take a public health course and she ended up declaring that minor the same semester. As a requirement for this minor...


Sponsoring Department

The purpose of this research is to understand how international students experience psychological sense of community on American college campuses. In light of recent crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the literature reviewed on the international student experience is applied to understand the specific consequences this population faced during the pandemic, and to provide an understanding for their experiences during other forms of crisis. Major findings include social support as being key to enhance an international student’s psychological sense of community and combat the effects of crisis they experience. The final portion of this research includes suggestions for universities to explore and encourages the creation of a crisis management plan that emphasizes the inclusion of social support in social and academic settings at the university. Future study will include focus groups of international students at St. Lawrence University to understand specific experiences and confirm suggestions proposed to the university.