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I’m Martina Velásquez Lemaitre, I was born in Valencia, Venezuela but I’ve lived most of my life in Cali, Colombia. I love these countries beyond words but my favorite thing about them are their people. I hate generalizing but it does feel like they’re genuinely happy humans that value/enjoy the small precious things/moments of life. Eternal tropical summers, exotic fresh fruits, and salsa and vallenato music being played everywhere are aspects that define my childhood. Being raised in developing countries is something I wouldn’t change for anything; it taught me to not take things for granted.

When I was 16 I moved to Changshu, China to finish high school. I made friends that became family by heart and discovered my love for vegetarian dumplings and bubble tea.

I truly enjoy being outdoors, surrounded by nature. Going on hikes, taking a run, or riding a horse simply make my day better.

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Valle del Cauca
My brother and I
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Spanish, English, Chinese