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Svetlana Kononenko

The photo presents a young female student in black sweater, working at the bench countertop and holding 15 mL centrifuge tubes. The student performs a routine  washing procedure for C. elegans maintenance.

Thanks for the continuous effort of Ana Y. Estevez, Ph.D., in maintaining pictorial laboratory records. 


Routine embryo isolation is a routine part of worm farmers. 

Dr. Estevez Lab (2021) St. Lawrence University 

Being raised by a single mother in a provincial Russian town, I am adept at setting goals and striving to achieve them, despite the challenges I have encountered. As a minority within my own country’s administrative division, Adygea Republic, I have always strived for diversity and inclusion of identities, experiences, and ideas. With such a mindset and a strong passion for natural sciences, I sought opportunities to enrich my scientific environment and learn from the expertise of an international community.

Nick Lin

Nick Lin, class of 2023, is majoring in Neuroscience following a pre-medical track. His research interest encompasses the biological aspects of the medical field. During this project, Nick further explores his interests by examining the immune system of albino frogs. He is looking forward to furthering this research and eventually publishing it officially. Down the road, he plans to pursue a career as a physician. 

Noah Neverette

Noah Neverette, '21, is a Neuroscience major and Creative Writing minor. His fellowship in Summer 2020 provided him with the opportunity to combine his interests in science and writing to create an educational story, something he would like to do as a career. He hopes to be able to take complicated science topics that affect everyone and turn them into something educational, personable, and interesting.

Andy Hims

Hi there! This is Andy Hims, class of 2021. When Andy had first intended to major in Neuroscience, he was primarily interested in consciousness and how it arose from the cluster of cells and fat in our head. However, as he progressed through college, he obtained a deeper sense of mindfulness and appreciation of the world around him. The beauty of simply existing captivated him, but it also served as the ultimate memento mori and the ultimate motivation to continue studying the sciences. Since then, he has brought unparalleled passion and drive to research how to combat and slow aging.

Mabelin Garcia De La Rosa

Mabelin Garcia De La Rosa

Mabelin Garcia De La Rosa is a junior in the class of 2020 double majoring in neuroscience and economics. She aspires to work in the medical field in the future and was driven by this goal to complete her project on racial disparities in healthcare. The topic of disparities in healthcare is one that is not new in the U.S. and has become a topic of interest particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mabelin believes it’s important to have a well-rounded understanding of the medical field so she can think about the role she will play as a medical practitioner.

Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh


Summer 2020 Project Showcase

Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh, class of 2022 majoring in neuroscience and mathematics with a minor in chemistry. Aseman is preparing for pursuit of a career in healthcare involving research. This research is a literature review of the COVID-19 virus with focus on its influence on public health. As such, the research has been of great value and resource which has been a guide for better performance in roles such as community assistant and SLU Emergency Medicine Services Staff.