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Analyzer of Communicable Disease, Death Certificate, and Children with Special Needs Data

Class of 2024
Public Health
My name is Zoie Lehman, I am 21 years old, and am a current senior at St. Lawrence University. I was raised by a single mother in Lewis County, New York. It has been my mom and I my entire life, and our story has not always been for the...
Summer 2023

At Lewis County Public Health, I was majorly responsible for reviewing and compiling death, communicable disease, and Early Intervention (children with special needs) data. I was responsible for gathering specific epidemiological data to use for reporting, such as the number of cases occurring per year, percent gender (male/female) distribution, age distribution in years, cause of death distribution, category of death distribution, ICD-10 code distribution, and the township/zipcode via address distribution. Using such data, I created various bar and line graphs via Excel, as well as 2 GIS maps via Real Property for Lead Prevention and Early Intervention purposes. I additionally was a member of the Health and Social Marketing Committee, and tabled for Lyme Disease and Rabies prevention at the 2023 Lewis County Fair.

United States of America