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Haley Sundstrom

Haley Sundstrom is a history major, government minor and a member of the pre-law program at SLU. She is especially interested in modern American history and international relations. On campus, Haley is a member of the women's lacrosse team, club soccer and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. During the Fall 2023 semester, she is studying abroad in Spain and working to become fluent in Spanish.

Colleen McKernan

Colleen McKernan '23 is a history major and mathematics minor. She is interested in the history of those who have been overlooked in the past and is especially passionate about women's rights and history. Taking part in the Rural Feminisms Project created the opportunity to not only engage in local history but also to share with others the accomplishments of such women, combining her interest in history with the desire to spread and highlight the notable past.

Tina Luchetta

Tina Luchetta '22 is a junior at St. Lawrence University and is a History major with African Studies and Creative Writing minors. Her academic interests pertain to gender relations, creative expression and West Africa. Tina is currently interning for Foreign Policy Interrupted and assists with Interruptrr Africa, which is a news source that shares female expertise on African politics, business, economics and science & tech. As an aspiring journalist, she hopes to learn as much as possible throughout her life and empower women through sharing female perspectives and expertise.

Asha Johnson

Asha Johnson is a current senior and member of the class of 2021 as well as an international student from Nassau, Bahamas. She is also a graduate of the United World College of Adriatic in Italy. She is pursuing a double major in Biology and History with a proposed minor in Chemistry and hopes to pursue a career as a Pathologist and return to her hometown. As a Caribbean student, she was motivated to do more research into the history of The Bahamas as well as the Caribbean region at large, which inspired her to plan and complete this research project.

Logan Hagerty

Logan Hagerty '21 is a senior majoring in History and Environmental Studies, with a minor in African Studies. He is from North Conway, NH. Logan attended the SLU Kenya Semester Program his sophomore fall, which influenced his decision to pursue a Fellowship. Logan is interested in matters of environmental justice and environmental law. Logan's favorite activities include skiing and hiking in the Adirondacks.

Michael Gagliardi

Michael Gagliardi, '21, is a double major in Philosophy and History at St. Lawrence University. In particular, he studies environmental philosophy and focuses on ethical ways of dealing with climate change. As a result, he plans on attending graduate school for philosophy. There, he hopes to continue his work on the nascent threat of "green" authoritarianism and defending democracy as its antidote. His other interests include reading, writing, cooking, and, of course, spending time with friends.

Camden Fort

Student of history with a special interest in social histories of the Cold War. His interest in modern educational pedagogy only became more relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools all over the world to transition to remote learning; which was a real challenge for many. Being a student during uncertain and stressful times inspired him to research the history of education during the Cold War, when nuclear attacks were a real possibility. His fellowship project explores how history can be done in the age of social distancing and remote learning.

Min Wang

Min Wang'21 is a history major and a minor in Art and Art history. She began this project out of interest in how the news media in China reported on protests in Hong Kong in 2019. During the study, she was inspired by life stories of Hong Kong based journalists and short documentaries made by global correspondents. These stories triggered her interest in journalism as a possible career pursuit. 

Niamh Creedon-Carey

Niamh Creedon-Carey is planning to graduate this April in the class of 2021. She's majoring in history and government with an interest in law and politics. This project inspired her to pursue a senior honors thesis in history on the topic of prison reform activism in the North Country. This project affirmed Niamh's passion for local history and helped her to develop research and writing skills.