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Class of 2023
Colleen McKernan '23 is a history major and mathematics minor. She is interested in the history of those who have been overlooked in the past and is especially passionate about women's rights and history. Taking part in the Rural Feminisms Project created the opportunity to not only engage in local...

Rural Feminisms in the North Country: Expanding the Archives focuses on sharing the stories of women in the North Country during the 1970s and 1980s and how they thought of and enacted feminism, activism, and other feminist activity. By creating a digital platform dedicated to these women, such material is now accessible to a broader audience to recognize and honor the women involved and their efforts. This fellowship is part of an ongoing Rural Feminisms project with Dr. DeGroat, whose overall goal is to collect and share the archives of the participants’ stories through oral histories and related research. In addition, it aims to bring attention to the related archives of the Women Together newsletters found in the St. Lawrence University archives. Working on this project has been successful, fun, and engaging while teaching digital skills related to website design and combining research, experimentation, and practice. Overall, Rural Feminisms in the North Country: Expanding the Archives highlights what women can accomplish when they come together. 

Located in upstate New York, the North Country region is where those involved with rural feminisms were located.
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