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Riku Tatsuzuki

Ski Racing

My name is Riku Tatsuzuki, from Tokyo, Japan. I study Economics as my major and minoring in Statistics here at St. Lawrence. My native language is Japanese and also fluent in English. I love watching movies, going skiing, playing soccer and lacrosse. I have a twin brother who lives in Vancouver. 

Sisco Tellez

I´ve been always involved into water sports, such as waterboarding and windsurf
I also always loved interact with animals

My name is Sisco Tellez, I was bornin El Paso, Texas. Since I was little, I have lived in Mexico with my father. I´ve always been into sports and activities, starting with gymnastics, karate, soccer, among others, however, one of the most important ones were scuba diving, thanks to this I was able to apply for my fist work of my life, in wich I got fire one month after, It was very sad, also playing the guitar has been an important activity for me, I keep playing till the day of today, the only issue is that I could´t bring mine from Mexico, so I have to get a new one.