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Wayne Wang

Climbing mountain with my friends in the army
Home in Boston
Japanese food


My name is Powen Wang. My preferred name is Wayne. I am from Taiwan and it is a beautiful place where there a lot of mountain and rivers. Taiwan also has very developed cities where the transportation is very advance. What I like most about Taiwan is the amazing food and you can basically get them 24/7. It is really hard to keep a fitted body because of the wonderful foods.  

Timur Martinez Smirnov

Tim is a senior double majoring in Economics and Business, minoring in Government. This summer he worked as an Exchange Generalist Intern at IEX Exchange. Before joining IEX, he was an Investment Strategy Intern at Neuberger Berman, and a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst Intern at KK Capital Partners. He participated in two off-campus programs in London and NYC, in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, respectively. Tim is also a North American chess champion, and six times national Olympic medalist.


Conor Temple


This past summer, Conor took part as a Financial Services Intern with Baystate Financial, working with a team of senior advisors to provide retirement planning, education funding strategies, investment management, and insurance products. He was able to learn a plethora of information about the finance industry while "test-driving" a full-time career of a financial planner In such a short time period. A notable amount of time was spent on network outreach via email, phone, etc with the primary goal being to identify and bring In potential clientele that could benefit from Baystate's services. Naturally, as Conor had more conversations with clients and senior advisors, he demonstrated the ability to sound as confident, professional, and effective as a full-time financial advisor or consultant would be. For the 3 months he was with Baystate, Conor experienced the complete process of client addition, from approaches to specific tax-benefit and portfolio recommendations. Overall, Conor was given an excellent opportunity to explore an In-depth view of the finance industry and will have the opportunity to take this knowledge with him into a number of potential fields of interest. 

I am currently a senior at St. Lawrence University from Severna Park, Maryland. Throughout my years here, I've been lucky enough to be a part of the varsity lacrosse program and crown royalties investment club. Pursuing a double major In Business In the Liberal Arts and Economics, coupled with a statistics minor, has allowed me to explore my interests in finance while building upon my analytical and quantitative skills.

Jack Saltus

Jack Saltus '23 is an Economics and Business double major from Westport, Connecticut. He is interested in investment and portfolio management, which he developed through various internships including his work during the summer of 2022 at Bespoke Investment Group. He hopes that the research conducted and the skills learned with Bespoke will help him on a path that allows him to continue to grow and succeed wherever the economic and financial worlds take him in the very near future.

John (Jack) Roemischer

I am a junior at St. Lawrence University pursuing a BA majoring in Economics and minoring in Government. A graduate of Xavier High School in New York City. After completing my internship this past summer as a Legal Intern at Recycle Track Systems, I am eager and looking to intern summer of '23 in either finance, banking, or sales. 

Ruiqi Yang

Ruiqi Yang (class 2023) is a rising senior majoring in Economics and Anthropology. To prepare himself for graduate school for Economics, he seized this opportunity as access to research methods and academic writing. This project works for Ruiqi Yang as a benchmark for research in graduate school in the future. As a Chinese international student, this project, whose topic is related to China's real estate market, helps him feel connected to his homeland even a pacific away.

Riku Tatsuzuki

Ski Racing

My name is Riku Tatsuzuki, from Tokyo, Japan. I study Economics as my major and minoring in Statistics here at St. Lawrence. My native language is Japanese and also fluent in English. I love watching movies, going skiing, playing soccer and lacrosse. I have a twin brother who lives in Vancouver. 

Sisco Tellez

I´ve been always involved into water sports, such as waterboarding and windsurf
I also always loved interact with animals

My name is Sisco Tellez, I was bornin El Paso, Texas. Since I was little, I have lived in Mexico with my father. I´ve always been into sports and activities, starting with gymnastics, karate, soccer, among others, however, one of the most important ones were scuba diving, thanks to this I was able to apply for my fist work of my life, in wich I got fire one month after, It was very sad, also playing the guitar has been an important activity for me, I keep playing till the day of today, the only issue is that I could´t bring mine from Mexico, so I have to get a new one.