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My name is Powen Wang. My preferred name is Wayne. I am from Taiwan and it is a beautiful place where there a lot of mountain and rivers. Taiwan also has very developed cities where the transportation is very advance. What I like most about Taiwan is the amazing food and you can basically get them 24/7. It is really hard to keep a fitted body because of the wonderful foods.  

I consider myself as the citizen of Earth because I have all over the world. I was born in Taiwan, but I start studying in Shanghai which made Shanghai my second home. Shanghai is a city where a lot of foreigner lives, so there are many food from different countries that are pretty authentic. I am really lucky that I lived there and be able to taste all sorts of food. My third home is Boston which is where my high school is. It is also a city that is very similar to Shanghai. This was an amazing experience because I lived under a host family where there will be two long term(high school) students and two short term(language school) students. Being one of the long term students, I was able to meet many people from different place around the world. 

When I was taking my gap year, I was serving in the Taiwan army because all man in Taiwan has military duty of 4 months. That time is when I re-recognized myself as a Taiwanese for what are the culture of Taiwan. I was outside of Taiwan for so long that I had no friend who lived in Taiwan and I barely know anything about my country. It has all changed after I served in the army which give me the opportunity to meet all sorts of people and made actual Taiwanese friends.

I love the culture and the stories from different countries and my experience in Shanghai and Boston enable me to do it. Moreover, I am also a big fan of food, and my favorite food are the Japanese food. Foods like sushi, ramen, and dagashi are amazing. The Japanese food allows you to taste the natural flavor of the food so most of them are very light yet delicious. I am not cook before I came to SLU, but we do have limited choices, so I learn a lot of cooking in SLU.

I am an Econ Major and I would be going to a Business school after I graduate. 

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Climbing mountain with my friends in the army
Home in Boston
Japanese food
Which languages do you speak?
Mandarin, English, Japanese