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Class of 2023


Sponsoring Department
Summer 2022

During my New York City semester this past Spring, I had the opportunity to explore various
cultures from around the world through their diverse culinary. New York is known as a city with
an incredibly rich food culture. This is in large part due to its long and varied history of
immigration. Through this grant opportunity, I was able to immerse myself in the city’s culture
by learning about this history and its impact on the city’s neighborhoods and food scene. I was
able to sample local restaurants and learn about the associated neighborhood’s history, with a
particular focus on its changing populations of immigrants over time. This learning experience
made me gain a huge appreciation for and understanding of the culture of New York City, both
through the lens of history and by getting out there and experiencing it for myself. I learned
about a variety of immigrant cultures, particularly through the lens of food. Finally, I was able to
understand how a group’s cuisine can inform our understanding of their history and development
as a people.

United States of America