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Alejandra Ruiz-Gómez Correro

With some friends at the beach
With some friends

My name is Alejandra, although my friends call me Ale. I was born and raised in Spain where I haved lived all my life with my family. I have a twin brother who is currently studying in Amsterdam, and no, we do not look alike. I speak Spanish and English fluently as I have been studying in an International school since I was three. Having studied in an International school has made me very open-minded in regards to learning about different cultures and their respective traditions. 

Caitlin French

My name is Caitlin French and I am a senior at St. Lawrence University. I am studying Business in the Liberal Arts and Communications. I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing or public relations after graduation. I am passionate about using creative strategy to promote companies and organizations that work to give back or solve issues in our society. I also hope to start a business or non-profit of my own one day.

Daniel Calbo

I am currently a senior at St. Lawrence from Cheshire, Connecticut and have been a member of the varsity football program since my arrival on campus.  As a double major in business in the liberal arts and psychology I have taken part in a diverse educational experience that has given me a strong understanding of a variety of topics and fields unlike anything I could have imagined.  I will be spending my final semester at SLU participating in a study abroad program in Sorrento, Italy this fall before venturing out into my post graduation endeavors.

Timur Martinez Smirnov

Tim is a senior double majoring in Economics and Business, minoring in Government. This summer he worked as an Exchange Generalist Intern at IEX Exchange. Before joining IEX, he was an Investment Strategy Intern at Neuberger Berman, and a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst Intern at KK Capital Partners. He participated in two off-campus programs in London and NYC, in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, respectively. Tim is also a North American chess champion, and six times national Olympic medalist.


Conor Temple


This past summer, Conor took part as a Financial Services Intern with Baystate Financial, working with a team of senior advisors to provide retirement planning, education funding strategies, investment management, and insurance products. He was able to learn a plethora of information about the finance industry while "test-driving" a full-time career of a financial planner In such a short time period. A notable amount of time was spent on network outreach via email, phone, etc with the primary goal being to identify and bring In potential clientele that could benefit from Baystate's services. Naturally, as Conor had more conversations with clients and senior advisors, he demonstrated the ability to sound as confident, professional, and effective as a full-time financial advisor or consultant would be. For the 3 months he was with Baystate, Conor experienced the complete process of client addition, from approaches to specific tax-benefit and portfolio recommendations. Overall, Conor was given an excellent opportunity to explore an In-depth view of the finance industry and will have the opportunity to take this knowledge with him into a number of potential fields of interest. 

I am currently a senior at St. Lawrence University from Severna Park, Maryland. Throughout my years here, I've been lucky enough to be a part of the varsity lacrosse program and crown royalties investment club. Pursuing a double major In Business In the Liberal Arts and Economics, coupled with a statistics minor, has allowed me to explore my interests in finance while building upon my analytical and quantitative skills.

Jack Saltus

Jack Saltus '23 is an Economics and Business double major from Westport, Connecticut. He is interested in investment and portfolio management, which he developed through various internships including his work during the summer of 2022 at Bespoke Investment Group. He hopes that the research conducted and the skills learned with Bespoke will help him on a path that allows him to continue to grow and succeed wherever the economic and financial worlds take him in the very near future.

Benedetta Caloro

table and tree
Young women with dog
waterfall with two people in foreground

     I believe that the culture you come from shapes your personality but doesn't define who you are. Ciao, my name is Benedetta and I come from Rome, Italy. I'm your classic Italian girl: loud, picky eater, loves pasta, uses hand gestures. Yes, stereotypes of my country are mostly accurate, except for the fact that we're always late, that's a major lie. Although these stereotypes may be part of me, they don't are me. It's unfortunately common, and it's a mistake I sometimes make too, to just look at the superficial side of people.

Sam Pijpers


I am Sam Pijpers and I am from Amsterdam, Netherlands but I am currently living in Hong Kong with my parents. I am bilingual student, I speak fluent Dutch and English. My pronouns are he/him and I'm a 19 year old male, as I write this. 

Soccer is my number one sport and I'm part of St. Lawrence University's Men's soccer team. I have followed the sport ever since I can remember, my idols are Lionel Messi and Johan Cruijff. I am not sure if you might know this team but I support Ajax, which is a team from Amsterdam. 

Filip Bruna

Picture of český Krumlov
Picture of Prague Castle
Picture of Prague’s astronomical clock

My Name is Filip Brůna, I am from the Czech Republic. I was born there and grew up there. The Czech Republic is a beautiful place for anyone to come and visit, although people may be a little toxic at times, I can guarantee you would have a grate time exploring the wonders of Prague and other Czech cities. They are full of history and wonderful food.

Edvin Strandberg

Me on a vacation with my family.
Me playing tennis at my home club

I am from Onsala, Sweden which is a small village on the southern west coast of Sweden. It has a history of farming and fishing but nowadays most people live in normal homes. I have lived at the same horse farm in my whole life; it is the same house that my mum grew up in and the same house her dad lived in his whole life too. Our house was moved in 1917 to where it stands now, earlier it had been a dairy in the same village since the 1850's. Our house and farm is full of history, Swedish farmer history that I am proud of.