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At Recycle Track Systems

Class of 2023
Business in the Liberal Arts
I am a Senior and am majoring in economics and business in the liberal arts with a minor in philosophy. Aside from my academics, I am captain of the Track and Field team and compete primarily in the high hurdles. I am also a peer tutor for the economics department...
Summer 2022

As an intern in the finance department, I assisted on and completed a wide range of projects. These included calculating COGS and margins on national clients, updating KPI files with consolidated customer site retention information, assisted in the cleanup of corporate card transactions YTD, mapped which current NYC customers fell into 20 regions of the city, tracked which months past invoices were from to help clean up accrual records, and spread financials from the 10-K and 10-Q reports of key public competitors. Additionally, I spent the majority of one week assisting the legal team with their organization and printing of bid documents for the biggest contract in the company's history. The signing of these documents by RTS's CEO is shown in the cover photo. Throughout the summer my Excel skills increased dramatically, I developed corporate and office soft skills, and I gained confidence in my professional work.