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Established in 2007 by the friends and family of Christine Koski ’79 in honor of her 50th birthday, this fund supports students majoring in the sciences.

Wood Turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) Surveys Using a Wildlife Detector Dog


Domestic dogs, with their complex olfactory system, are used for a variety of detection work. The application of detector dogs for wildlife data collection is extremely beneficial in areas where traditional methodologies, such as visual encounter surveys, may not be efficient. In many research projects involving these canines, the dog handlers belong to consulting agencies and are not tasked with publishing methodologies.

The impact of early life adversity using limited bedding model on social-anxiety-related behavior in Long Evan rats.


Early life stress (ELS) is considered a risk factor for the development of psychiatric conditions, including depression and anxiety disorder. Individuals living in adverse environments are exposed to multiple stressors simultaneously, such as neglect, maltreatment, and limited resources.

Testing the Efficacy of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles against Oxidative Stress Fluorescence Marker in C. Elegans


Characterized by a gradual disintegration of the neuronal network, neurodegeneration lies at the crossroads of numerous pathologies such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disorders, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and others. While the cause of neurodegeneration is often multifactorial in nature (e.g., genetic, age, environmental factors), oxidative damage tends to be a common denominator in the process.