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Liya Yussubaliyeva

Me in my home city

I was taking a night walk in my home city with my mom.

Me in Kyiv

Me in Kyiv taking a night walk with my friend.

My name is Liya and I am from Kazakhstan, a former-soviet country; therefore, my first language is Russian. Other than my own home country, I lived in Malaysia and Singapore which is how I learned English. Learning English changed my life a lot because it had an impact on my choice of where I decided to go to university.

Lewinski Lopez

Lewinski Lopez goes by Lexi and will be graduating in 2021. She is majoring in Performance & Communication Arts and her focus is performance. She has been performing in theatre spaces for as long as she can remember and she chose to focus her research on solo performances so that could lead her down the path of writing her own solo performance. Lewinski hopes to use what she learned about solo performances as a way to guide her in the creative process of writing her own solo show.

Autumn Sherman


Special Cases of Crossing Numbers
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
front-screen of video
Series: Summer 2020 Project Showcase

Autumn Sherman (Class of 2023) is majoring in mathematics, and performance and communication arts. She plans to have mathematics as her primary major. Her fellowship project is on the crossing numbers of graphs, a newer research area within graph theory. She enjoys the study of theoretical mathematics. She plans, with her mentor Dr. Natasha Komarov, to continue her crossing number research during her years at St. Lawrence.