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Class of 2022
Performance and Communication Arts
Educational Studies
Spring 2021

As an intern, I mostly did writing tasks where I would write posts for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Smart Company. I also worked on helping put together social media campaigns for a new e-commerce company. I also put together an entire four-week master class for entrepreneurs on public relations and how to generate sales.
During this internship, I was trusted to do large tasks that I was nervous about at first but ultimately helped me to grow so much professionally and personally. I was asked to put together an advertising and PR master class that my supervisor would be given to business owners and entrepreneurs. I had never even taken a course in PR or Adervtising myself but I was able to put something together that I was really proud of and ended up being a huge success for my boss too. Doing this helped me to gain so much confidence and experience that is applicable to any career path that I choose after graduation.

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