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Borjana Nikolić

Southeastern Europe is a mix of ethnicities, religions and traditions existing on the foundation of different cultural practices and politics.  The centuries of Ottoman rule on the Balkan peninsula had a profound effect on the culture and populations of the region. As a person born and raised in the Balkans, I have been fascinated by the nuances in the culture -what makes us different and what makes us similar, since my earliest childhood. My journey focused mostly on exploring cultures through music, food, fashion, tradition, history and lifestyles.

Annan Yue

Annan (Yanna) Yue graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2020 with a double degree in Psychology and Music. She is interested in Counseling and Developmental Psychology. The courses she took in psychology and her interest in counseling led her to this project. For her future career plans, Yanna is devoted to do academic research on developmental psychology and she is committed to pursuing a Ph.D. degree after finishing a Master’s degree.

Yanfei Mao

Yanfei Mao' 21 is a senior student who comes from China with double majoring in Psychology and Music. She has been interested in positive psychology and especially the relationship between character strength and positive outcomes in academic context. Currently, she continues working on this project by analyzing another dataset from MTurk and tries to create an appropriate strength intervention in academic context based on the results to improve college students’ academic achievements and happiness.