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Class of 2022


Sponsoring Department
Summer 2021

In my internship I worked. primarily in marketing. I was responsible for setting up the analytics tools for their home website and social media pages, organizing their marketing photos within their folder so they were findable, and creating content for their social media accounts, all in an effort to create a seamless brand for the company and expand their existing network.

From this internship, I learned that is possible to work extremely well in a group with people you've never met. My suprvisor, fellow intern, and I all got along like wildfire from the start. Once we understood a project, we jumped into it, and ended up creating a massive amount of content for the social media pages, as well as creating lasting organizational systems that will benefit the company far into the future as they spend less time searching for files or trying to remove image backgrounds. I've learned also that even though I am a psychology major, there is a huge amount of work directly related to psychology in the field of marketing, and that it is far more enjoyable work than I had thought it would be prior to the internship. I also gained so much through the internship, as not only did I help the company, but my supervisor worked closely with us to work on our own presentational skills based on her knowledge as a public speaking coach and founder of the company. I feel like we exchanged quite a lot of information and soft skills, and I am so proud to have worked with my host company. I would highly recommend the internship experience, as even though it is online, there is a tremendous amount to be gained from it.

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