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Established in 2009 by Eric H. Hanson '70, this fund supports our international programs in Asia, with a particular focus on initiatives in China. In recognition, the University has named the Associate Dean position, the "Hanson Associate Dean for International and Intercultural Studies."

viAct.Ai and Seatton


My work in viAct.Ai was to develop a human detection program to improve the safety of the construction working environment. My second internship which I am continuing working now at Seatton is on web Application. We are developing this website that can track the air quality and PM2.5 around the school area for Wellington International School in ShangHai.

Manifesto Market


I worked with Manifesto on sustainability marketing which mainly comprised of doing research on sustainable methods and how to effectively market what we’ve done. I created many powerpoints that I had to present to my supervisor, and sometimes to a bigger team. In addition to working on research, I worked with my supervisor to write a few blogs that were published on their website and I worked in researching the events/ awards that were relevant to the business for them to apply to.

Mighty Oak Public Speaking


In my internship I worked. primarily in marketing. I was responsible for setting up the analytics tools for their home website and social media pages, organizing their marketing photos within their folder so they were findable, and creating content for their social media accounts, all in an effort to create a seamless brand for the company and expand their existing network.

Hounslow Action for Youth


I was a fundraising intern and my main role was to bid writing and drafting applications.

My internship organization is a charity called Hounslow Action for Youth. I have helped with a few bid writing projects and fundraising applications. I have improved my organization skills and time management skills. My internship site supervisor Sonia is very friendly and helpful. We had a great experience working together, and we have agreed that I will go back to volunteer for them once I graduate college!

The Function of Nature in Healing a Contemporary Industrialized Society


Thanks to my SLU Travel Enrichment Grant, I was able to hike several mountain ranges throughout the People’s Republic of China. During my adventures I conversed with many local and some foreign hikers thereby researching the value that Chinese have on the environment and nature. There is a stereotype that China is a nation that it does not care about its environment as shown by high levels of pollution and neglect of safely containing many forms of environmental waste. I found that air pollution and other forms of waste were most highly concentrated in China’s larger urban centers.