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Class of 2022
Business in the Liberal Arts


Sponsoring Department
Spring 2021

I worked with Manifesto on sustainability marketing which mainly comprised of doing research on sustainable methods and how to effectively market what we’ve done. I created many powerpoints that I had to present to my supervisor, and sometimes to a bigger team. In addition to working on research, I worked with my supervisor to write a few blogs that were published on their website and I worked in researching the events/ awards that were relevant to the business for them to apply to. I was even able to create and analyze a survey to understand the sustainability methods of our employees.

Working with Manifesto was a great experience that allowed me to be able to adjust both to a remote working environment and a global one. It was challenging at first to not be able to meet in person and have to learn everything on my own without any physical help. My favorite part was getting to know the people there so I’ll hopefully get to meet them in the future. It was also really great getting to see my work being used for the business and I felt that I truly was doing meaningful work.

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