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Class of 2021
Computer Science
Yanru Chen, class of 2021 a senior graduate who is double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, minoring in Music, comes from Chongqing, China. While Yanru expressed her interest in facial recognition and image classification, she broadened her perspective and hands-on knowledge through the school fellowship project with Dr.Ed Harcourt...


Sponsoring Department
Spring 2021

My work in viAct.Ai was to develop a human detection program to improve the safety of the construction working environment. My second internship which I am continuing working now at Seatton is on web Application. We are developing this website that can track the air quality and PM2.5 around the school area for Wellington International School in ShangHai.
The best part of this internship program is to explore me and find out the working style that works for me. The internship in viAct.Ai didn't work well for me because there's a lack of communication. We never have a meeting or phone call during my internship at viAct.Ai. Looking back, I realize that I would prefer a more involved leader from my work, who can break down the project by pieces and communicate more. I feel thankful for myself to have the courage to quit the job from in the middle of the program, and I also appreciate that all the CET staff would give me a new opportunity. For me, the progress of exploring myself is more valuable than the result of the project itself. Now, I am working in Seatton, and we have a regular zoom meeting every Monday. With more communication and team work, we made a progress, and my supervisor extended my internship after the CET program finished.

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