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Hadley Reinke

My name is Hadley Reinke and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University. I am a chemistry major on the pre-medical track. Along with STEM, I am interested in the arts (playing the oboe, musical theater, painting, and recently crocheting) and I love to cook/bake in my free time. In the future, after medical school, as of right now I would like to become a cardiac surgeon. Till then I am enjoying getting my chemistry degree while being the president of the medical journal club as St. Lawrence and going North Star Cafe to get a nice cup of coffee with my friends. 

Wanjiru Mwathi

My name is Wanjiru Mwathi. I am from a small town in Kenya called Nakuru. I speak Kikuyu, my first language, Swahili and English, and I am currently learning Spanish.

I love cooking. My favorite food is mokimo and barbecue chicken. Back home, I always longed to prepare dishes with my family because it always brought us together.

Emma Rothe

Emma Rothe '24 is majoring in chemistry and minoring in sports studies/exercise science. She chose this project for the opportunity to address real-world issues through laboratory research and to strengthen her research skills. She plans to follow along with the project throughout her undergraduate years at St. Lawrence University and is excited to see where the project goes in the future. Emma is also involved in the ACS chapter at St. Lawrence and is a member of the women's cross country and track & field teams. 

Leah C. Biwot

Proflavine derivative synthesis
Proflavine derivative

Leah (Leh-ah), '24, is an international student at St. Lawrence University. Her major is Chemistry and she is also interested in sociology with the aim of pursuing medicine and research in future. During her freshman year, she did toxicology research and moved to organic synthesis research during Summer 2022. With the lab skills she gained in her freshman year, she was fully equiped for her summer research; synthesis of proflavine derivatives.

Lydia Oikonomou

Super G

I am Lydia Oikonomou, and I come from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece. If there is one thing about me that people agree on is my outgoing character and passion for everything that I like – actually, my passion for life itself. I guess this is only another reason why my favourite hero of all times is Odysseus. With all his yearn for adventure and discovering of new things, he subconsciously became the role model I have always wanted to follow.

Shiqi Xie

Shiqi Xie,'21, is majoring in chemistry. She is interested in environmental chemistry and public health. She wishes to work on the azo-dye degradation of wastewater treatment with electrochemical methods due to the inspiration of water pollution issues in her hometown. She will continue with azo-dye degradation during her senior year studies, and design catalysts to increase the degradation efficiency. She plans to apply for a graduate school of environmental chemistry and work on urgent environmental issues as her career goals.

Chyanne Turner

During the summer of 2020, Chyanne worked remotely with her faculty advisor Dr. Amanda Oldacre to write a research grant for submission to the Petroleum Research Fund. Over the course of eight weeks, she and her advisor researched functionalization and activation methods of petroleum coke. Over the duration of the summer, she also became accustomed to the writing form of a grant; she discusses her research and writing processes in her recorded presentation. Chyanne is continuing her work with Dr. Oldacre and hopes to continue pursuing chemistry research after graduation.

Rachel Siegel

Rachel Siegel, '21, is double majoring in Chemistry and English-Writing. During her fellowship, Rachel researched different types of TNT detectors to discover what chemical principles allow for them to function, research that she is continuing. She also wrote a physical chemistry lab experiment that is currently being reviewed for publication in the Journal of Chemical Education. She plans to continue her chemistry education and earn a phD with the goal of eventually becoming a chemistry professor.

Leo Romanetz

Leo Romanetz is a chemistry major from the class of '21. He is particularly interested in the field of physical chemistry where he plans to use his research experience at SLU as a starting point for future graduate study in the field. He plans to continue his project of the physical chemistry of intercalating chemotherapy drugs while at SLU during his senior year experience. Ultimately, he hopes that by the end of the project he may acquire the kinetic characteristics of the drug proflavin, in particular.

Sky Ratcliffe


Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematics
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
title page of project
Series: Summer 2020 Project Showcase

During the summer of 2020, Sky Ratcliffe, '21, was a rising senior working on a project titled "Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematics: M.C. Escher and the 17 Wallpaper Groups" through the Clare Boothe Luce Program, which involved designing a wallpaper pattern corresponding to each of the groups followed by the painting of a few of them and investigating the proof of there being exactly 17 of these groups.