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Established in 2018 by Jennifer W. Knowles '89 and Robert M. Knowles P'21, '23, '25, this fund supports students with financial need who are participating in a St. Lawrence University internship program.

Marine Mammal Education & Research Intern - Boston Harbor Cruises & New England Aquariam


This summer I participated in a twelve week long internship as a marine mammal research and education intern with the New England Aquarium. The internship has two major components which is recording data on marine life, specifically whales and engaging with passengers on the boat on topics related to ocean conservation.

Program Development Intern - Racquet Up Detroit


During the summer of my senior year, I was privileged to intern at a remarkable nonprofit organization in Detroit, MI, serving as a Program Development intern. Throughout those months, I delved into four pivotal projects concurrently, all aimed at nurturing the program's internal growth. My primary focus was on guiding college-bound students in the program, assisting them in preparing for their higher education journey.

Intern - The Mirror Foundation (Freeman Foundation)


My responsibilities as a part of the innovation team at Mirror Foundation consisted of co-teaching a child with a learning disability in English, teaching another child how to use different tools in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and teaching the staff professional English every two days of the week. In addition, I also helped translate PowerPoints related to a project about helping individuals with disability get access to jobs.

Research Intern - New York Presbyterian/Columbia Irving Medical Center


I had a research fellowship at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Irving Medical Center. I used the patient portal EPIC to collect data for a paper looking at the guideline directed therapies for LVAD patients. The abstract of this paper will be presented at the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplant meeting in April of 2024. Since I helped with this project, I will be one of the authors on this published paper. Along with this, I also attended the New York-Presbyterian Heart Transplant Summit where I learned about the future of the heart transplant, with talks from Dr.

Data Analyst - T'Petritit


In the course of the three months, I had the great luck of working with professionals in the business industry in Albania, working as a Data Analyst. This was all made possible due to the hard work of Center for Career Excellence at St. Lawrence University and the generous donations of Jennifer W. Knowles ’89 and Robert M. Knowles P’21, ’23, ’25 Internship Fund. This experience gave me strong foundation in the work setting allowing me to create a wide network of connections in the business arena of Albania.