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Class of 2023
Aaron Levy is part of the St. Lawrence University Class of 2024. He is an economics major from Detroit, MI. Aaron is currently the captain of the Men's Squash team, which he has been part of since his first year.
Summer 2023

During the summer of my senior year, I was privileged to intern at a remarkable nonprofit organization in Detroit, MI, serving as a Program Development intern. Throughout those months, I delved into four pivotal projects concurrently, all aimed at nurturing the program's internal growth. My primary focus was on guiding college-bound students in the program, assisting them in preparing for their higher education journey. This involved navigating matriculation requirements, conducting in-depth research on majors and courses, and engaging in meaningful conversations about the essentials and strategies for college readiness.

Additionally, I took on the responsibility of organizing and leading a weekly offsite college information and preparation discussion. This session served as a platform to underscore the significance of college navigation and active involvement, equipping students with essential knowledge. When I wasn't doing those  activities, I dedicated myself to outreach efforts for the program's esteemed alumni. I planned and orchestrated engagement events to foster their continued involvement and facilitate their giving back to a program that had profoundly impacted their lives.

Lastly, my crowning achievement was the development of the current squash students' abilities. Through intensive training and focused development in key aspects of their game, I empowered them to hone their strengths and elevate their performance to new heights.