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Established in 1999 by Donald K. Rose ’64 University trustee emeritus, this fund supports the University Fellows program. Preference is granted to projects in math or the sciences proposed by students from St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, or Franklin Counties in New York State.

Making an Enigma Machine


This summer I aimed to build an Enigma Machine; an encryption machine used by the German military to encrypt and decrypt secret messages during World War II. The machine was made to work mechanically when it was made for the first time in 1918. Our implementation uses an Arduino microcontroller to control the circuitry of the rotors as well as parts of the plugboard. Furthermore, the design has a user interface with a keyboard and a digital display that allows the user to change the settings of the machine.

Assessing Water Bottle Filling Station Use on St. Lawrence University Campus in Relation to Illness during the COVID-19 Pandemic


This project analyzed data from two surveys that I completed in Spring 2021 and Spring 2022 concerning the water bottle filling stations on St. Lawrence University campus. Our goal was to determine students' perception of the filling stations through various questions concerning their role in preventing single-use plastic bottles, as well as the filling stations' cleanliness, maintenance, and water quality.

Role of the Hippocampus in Temporal Processing


Our study attempts to add to the literature involving the hippocampus and temporal processing. We plan to achieve this by creating a causal experiment that examines the relationship between the hippocampus and interval timing. In this study, a double-blind stereotaxic surgery is performed on the hippocampi of two groups of Wistar rats: one in which the rats receive a sham injection and one in which they receive an excitatory neurotoxin. The rats are then subjected to a temporal attention task.